About Me 👦

I’m always fueled by curiousity to learn and explore new challanges. My current focus is work and research in the domain of CS, AI and robotics research. I’m currently based in the bay area, California, pursuing my passion in Machine Learning for Robotics. My ultimate goal is to develop technology that inch us closer to a better future.

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Work 👨‍💻

  • Research Engineer - Berkeley AI Research, UC Berkeley ( RAIL Lab, advised by Prof Sergey Levine) Current Role, since Sept 2023. Involve in Machine Learning and Robotics research projects.

  • Graduate Research Assistant - Healthcare Robotics Lab, Georgia Tech (advised by Prof Charles Kemp) Work on learning-based haptic-rich manipulation and exercise-assitive robotics for parkinson’s disease patients.

  • Software Engineer - Open Robotics (now part of Alphabet’s Intrinsic ) and Open Source Robotics Foundation (OSRF):
    Work on various open source and commercial robotics software research projects. Notably working on the open-source project of Robotics Middleware Framework (RMF) and other robotics software-related consulting projects.

  • Computer Vision Software Engineer - TUM CREATE and Speed Cargo (Research collaboration between NTU Singapore and TUM Germany):
    Work on the advanced perception system for 3D cargo detection for aviation cargo handling, funded by National Research Foundation. This work also involves developing a scalable and production-ready system preceding the commercial project spin-off.

  • Other Past Experiences:
    Robotics Software Engineer in Hope Technik; Autonomous Vehicle Perception Software Engineer Intern in Nutonomy (now Motional); Robotics Perception Software Engineer Intern, Transforma Robotics;

Education 👨‍🎓

  • Master of Computer Science - Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta (United States):
    Graduated on August 2023. Specialized in Machine-Learning. Graduate Research Assistant role in Healthcare robotics lab.

  • Bachelor in Mechanical Engineering - Nanyang Technological University, Singapore:
    Graduated in 2018. Specialized in Mechatronics, with a minor in Entrepuenuership.

Contact Me 📞

For any inquires, you can reach me via email: tan_you_liang@hotmail.com